Single mothers are amongst the most suffering beings in the society today, they are never treated like every lady out there, they are been mocked, bullied and treated with low value in all cicumstances.

Asake happens to be a well structured real happening movie that narrates and enlighten more about the harmful doings been acted upon single mothers.

A story of a young girl who was raped and got pregnant by the accident, this cause escalades negativities, it open doors for unbearable hatred from her friends, related bloods and people around her. Those awkward humilations lead to several problems that affects the wellbeing of
this young ladies life.

Asake Movie will guide viewer to the right teachings, ways and practices that will standardize
equality in how people conduct oneself towards every single mother.

Single Mothers are meant to be loved, cherish and celebrated same as every lady out there.

ASAKE, agony of a single mother.

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