Dr ABEL Series

Dr Abel’s everyday dream is to have a community free of diseases, abuse and crime.

He’s a hardworking passionate doctor who uses his health care centre as the platform to address issues regarding healthy lifestyle and abstinence from crime using himself and his staffs as key factors to this change he desires, unfortunately a Nurse, his favourite nurse made a mistake that led to the death of a detective and an under covering detective who studied medicine applied for the job of a medical laboratory technician (MLT) in order to get evidence that led to the death of a colleague’s mother in the health care owned by Dr Abel.

Nurse Omolara gossips with passion, she talks about everything she sees or hears, she lives with Mrs Osaro, who is a rich activist, women leader of a powerful women association and Mrs Osaro as a lady has different kind of clowns as tenants, from her a comic gate man to a gossiping driver, from a bus conductor to a vendor, from a drunkard to an authoritative father which are just a piece of what Dr Abel and his medical staffs faces every day as patients including some of his unserious staffs.

The MLT who is the detective on an assignment unfortunately fell in love with the killer, he’s in between justice and love but Nurse Omolara the gossiper overheard the twist, she’s loyal to both Dr Abel and Mrs Osaro’s who is a friend to the late mother that was killed due to medical negligence…
How long will this truth be hidden?
Who exactly is this killer?

Each episode of this suspense filled series passes out a message on a particular health challenge affecting Africa with topics ranging from Covid19 to Malaria, from Typhoid Fever to all types of Cancer, from headache to Tuberculosis, from infectious diseases to a growing burden of chronic diseases and also cut across all kinds of abuses, from physical abuse to emotional abuse, from SGBV issues to trafficking, it is a complete drama series filled with unending comedies to tragedies setting across rural and urban areas to entertain, educate and enlighten the child, young and old with lots of interesting scenes that will keep the audience anticipating the next episode.

To make Africa better, in which every environment is safe and every human is healthy.

To entertain, educate and encourage healthy lifestyle.

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